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Total Security 2015

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Como criar um CD de Resgate Bitdefender

Last updated on: 27/11/2009

This article describes the procedure for creating a BitDefender Rescue CD.

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O sistema parece infectado

Last updated on: 19/11/2008

This article explains what to do if the computer seems infected but BitDefender does not detect any threats.

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Itens protegidos por palavra-passe

Last updated on: 07/02/2008

When scanning with BitDefender, you may come across some items that are marked as "password-protected", which BitDefender reports as potential threats

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Ameaц╖a dos Cookies!

Last updated on: 18/08/2004

A lot of people are interested in cookies and why any internet security type product covers the cookie area in order to protect the computer. How can a cookie harm the computer? How are cookies and spyware connected? The present document tries to offer some light over these aspects.

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