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Gravityzone Elite Security Initial Release Notes

Release date: 2017.07.04

Key Features

  • Hyper Detect. Powered by proven machine learning models, strong heuristics and behavioral-based detection, the protection module detects high accuracy the latest and most advanced forms of threats. Furthermore, Hyper Detect prevents the detected threats from producing any damages into your network, by taking immediate actions, such as blocking suspicious files in a pre-execution stage.
  • Sandbox Analyzer for Endpoints. Provides you with improved context on threat behavior, by performing automatic, in-depth analysis of the suspicious files in an isolated, cloud-based sandbox. Operating in monitoring or in blocking mode, Sandbox Analyzer is a powerful tool for insight on threats and for protecting your network.

Known Issues

Hyper Detect

  • HyperDetect denies access to infected files on network shares regardless of the action set in policy.
  • After assigning a policy with a higher protection level, HyperDetect does not report the files that trigger the new threshold.
  • On-access scanning reports only the name of an infected file, but not also the complete name of the archive that contains it, when action taken is Deny or Take no action.

Sandbox Analyzer for Endpoints

  • Endpoint requires reboot when Sandbox Analyzer tries to delete an infected file.
  • The dDetected threats are not cached in the current version. Caching support will be added in a future release.isinfect action only deletes the infected file and does not revert the changes it made to the system.
  • No action is taken on infected files located on network shares.
  • Event submission stops if the target endpoint reboots during analysis.
  • Processes reported as clean are still cached when the on-access scanning option Only new and changed files is disabled.
note Note:
The HyperDetect and Sandbox Analyzer modules do not cover yet some of the GravityZone features, such as Central Scanning (scanning with Security Servers). They will be released in near future.

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