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How to update Bitdefender for ISA Server using cumulative.zip

Update manually Bitdefender for ISA Server using the cumulative.zip package as follows:
    1. Download the update package cumulative.zip.
    2. Stop Bitdefender Registry v2 (BDREGISTRY) service.

      Click Start, then Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools and open Services. Right-click Bitdefender Registry v2 and select Stop.

    3. Copy the update files.

      Extract the content of the file cumulative.zip into the location (default):

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Softwin\Add-ons\AV7\Plugins

    4. Start Bitdefender Registry v2 (BDREGISTRY) service.

      Open Services, right-click Bitdefender Registry v2 and select Start.

    5. Start Bitdefender Update (XliveSvr) service.
    6. Start Bitdefender NPLogger (NPLogger) service.
    7. Start Bitdefender Statistics (BDSTATSRV) service.
    8. Start Bitdefender NPCore (BDNPCORE) service.
    9. Start Bitdefender WebProxy (WEBProxy) service.
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