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New BitDefender Enterprise Packs released

November 2004

Line-up includes new products, new capabillities

BitDefender launches today a whole new generation of enterprise packs, designed to meet the specific and exacting requirements of corporate customers worldwide. The packs can be tailored to networks of any size and can include workstation antivirus, firewall and antispam protection, file server antivirus, mail server antivirus and antispam along with centralised update, security management solutions and workstation security solutions.

The new packs include two newly-released products, namely BitDefender Enterprise Manager 2.5 and BitDefender 1.9 for File Server, as well as six new additions to the packs (namely Windows mail server and desktop solutions).

BitDefender Enterprise Manager 2.5, the BitDefender security management solution, now features the new Network Builder wizard that can group and administer networked clients, a tool to manage the Windows 2000, XP and 2003 update process, a tool to retrieve the status of installed BitDefender 8 workstation clients, a completely reworked deployment system and upgraded statistics and logging capabilities, including the ability to produce graphics and charts regarding the status of updates, the frequencies of appearance of detected viruses, and many more.

BitDefender v1.9 for File Servers, the storage security solution also launched today, features centralised updates from a network location and advanced logging and statistics capabilities.

BitDefender for MS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 and for Mail Servers (WIN SMTP Proxy) are also included in the new enterprise packs. The latest version of BitDefender for MS Exchange 2003, 2000 and for Mail Servers (WIN SMTP Proxy) include antispam filtering and a new reports module which provides daily, weekly or monthly statistics organized by categories. Also, the Update Pushing service is now available to BitDefender for MS Exchange 2003 and 2000 owners.

BitDefender 8 Clients are included in the new packs, to take care of workstations security. A Standard (antivirus-only) and a Professional Plus (antivirus, antispam and firewall) version are available. Both can be deployed, updated and managed remotely, using the new BitDefender Enterprise Manager 2.5.