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BitDefender is the third antivirus product ICSA Labs certified for Windows XP

March 2002

SOFTWIN, a leading provider of PC anti-virus software and computer security services announced today that its flagship product, BitDefender, has become ICSA Labs Certified. BitDefender is the third product in the world to obtain the ICSA certification for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

The ICSA Labs, a division of TruSecure Corporation, helps to give assurance to end users that a antivirus product has met a high level of performance at detecting viruses and other malicious applications. The Anti-Virus Product Certification program provides in-depth testing that significantly improves end user trust and security.

"SOFTWIN is very proud of this recent accomplishment. It once again demonstrates our dedication to provide our customers with highly effective antivirus technology," said Daniel Ionescu, Data Security Division Manager at SOFTWIN. "It gives our customers confidence that their computers and networks are being well-protected against viruses and other malicious applications," concluded Ionescu.

In order to obtain the ICSA On-Demand/On-Access Anti-Virus Product Certification on Windows XP systems, BitDefender needed to detect 100% of the viruses currently known to exist "in-the-wild", as well as detect 100% of the ICSA Lab's test suites, which included a polymorphic virus test set and those viruses known to be common infectors and have yet to be named to the WildList. Additionally, ICSA Labs will be continually testing the certified BitDefender product every month against their latest virus test suite to ensure the product has been updated for the latest viruses and other malicious applications.

"BitDefender Professional for Windows XP has passed all of our testing procedures and has been granted ICSA Anti-Virus Scanner Certification." stated Larry Bridwell, content security program manager, at ICSA Labs.

BitDefender Professional starts at $44.95, and a free 30-day trial version may be downloaded from http://www.bitdefender.com.