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BitDefender Global Security Survey 2008 Finds Computer Users’ Concerns for IT Security

October 2008

Viruses, Privacy and Malware Top the List of Woes

Computer users today consider themselves more knowledgeable than last year, with increased confidence in their security measures, according to BitDefender’s Global Security Survey 2008. BitDefender® announced the results of its Global Security Survey 2008, identifying how computer users feel about the current state of IT security in comparison to recent years. The poll had over 550 respondents and was conducted between August and September.

Impact of Security Knowledge on PC Protection

According to the Global Security Survey 2008, 68 percent of respondents are more knowledgeable about IT security than last year, only 8 percent saying they are less knowledgeable and 24 percent are about the same. This increase in knowledge may also play a part into how much computer users plan on investing this year, as 46 percent plan to increase their IT security spending.

The survey found that the less knowledgeable are more concerned about IT security and consider their IT security solutions to be less effective. On the other hand, the results show that the more knowledgeable the user, the less concerned they were about IT security and these respondents found their IT security solutions to be more effective than last year.

Main Concerns of Computer Users

When respondents were asked what the biggest concerns are about PC security, the Global Security Survey findings indicated the following:

Phishing attacks4%
Have no concerns2%

Also, the survey found that in comparison to last year, respondents are apprehensive about the state of security especially in regards to online banking/shopping, web search and personal e-mail.

“The survey findings highlight an interesting connection between how much people understand about IT security and their concern for the security of their PCs,” said Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO. “With more understanding about the state of IT security, the less worried users are about their PC and the more faith they put into their security solution. BitDefender strives to provide computer users with solutions offering complete protection for their PCs.”

Click here or full results of the survey.