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1000 not Round, Testers Complain

November 2005

BitDefender announced today the release of BitDefender Mail Protection for Enterprises Beta, the upcoming corporate e-mail security solution from BitDefender. The beta kit is at the center of an unusual contest, which challenges beta testers to find bugs in exchange for beer - 1000 bottles of beer, to be exact.

"We released the beta kit today, and we're still waiting for the first bugs to show up. However, we've been getting a lot of feedback already, on all sorts of channels, complaining that 1000 is not a "round figure". So, by popular request, we're rounding that to 1024, or exactly 1K beers. May the best tester win!" said Alexandru Balan for BitDefender.

Mr. Balan added that " all jokes aside, the beta campaign is off to a good start so I expect we'll have a rock-solid product to show off at the beginning of next year."

The beta product kit launched today features a host of new features which must be tested, chief among which user and group management facilities.

The BitDefender Mail Protection for Enterprises Beta Contest Announcement